Society of Games and Sports


Since the inception of this glorious Institute, the major two wonders of the campus is the Oval and Lords Ground and the Gymnasium formed in the later years. Fostering the sporting culture, this society has been serving the Institute right from its very establishment. Firstly, known as the Athletic Club of IIEST, Shibpur had a unique structure which got renamed as the Sports Board of IIEST, Shibpur. It boasts of its age-old traditions and never ceases to stop excelling.


Name of Professor-in-Charge (PIC): Shri Sandip Chattapadhyay
Secretary: Sougata Mazumder, 4th Year, UG, Department of Mining Engineering.
Name of Treasurer: Aniruddha Nandi, 4th Year, UG, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Estimated number of students active in society/club activities:
Since Sports is one of the most dynamic activity, the exact count on the number of students is counted based on seasonal sports. Practise sessions are held for every sport and students nurture their skills. University Team of every sport regularly have practise sessions. However, the actual count of participating students has been shown in the next section.
Estimated number of Student Participation throughout the year (in daily activities, events):
(as per records maintained during the conduction of events mentioned above)

Sl. No Sport/Games Number of players in a team. No. of teams participated Total Students involved
1. Athletics 6th Annual Athletic Meet 300
2. Badminton Event Specific Girls (15)
Boys (80)
3. Basketball 6 + 4 = 10 Freshers’ 6
Inter Hostel Girls’ 4
University BB (M) Team 1
University BB (W) Team 1
4. Chess Event Specific Girls (20)
Boys (40+40)- Freshers’ and Inter Year
University Chess Team (16)
5. Cricket 11 + 5 = 16 Inter Year 6
University Cricket Team 1
6. Football 11 + 3 = 14 Freshers’ 8
Inter Department 10
Inter Hostel 15
Inter Year 5
University Football Team 1
7. Gymnasium Girls (20)
Boys (75)
8. Swimming 282
9. Table Tennis Event Specific 55
10. Volleyball 6 + 4 = 10 Inter Year 6 University Volleyball Team 1

Note: There will be overlapping of students participating in events of a particular sport. However, the count has been adjusted keeping in mind the approximate participations in the events of this society.

Event List under the society for the year 2019-20:

Event List under the society for the year 2019-20
ODD SEMESTER (July 2019 – December 2019)
1. Freshers’ Badminton Tournaments **
2. Freshers’ Basketball Tournaments **
3. Freshers’ Football Tournament **
4. Freshers’ Chess Tournament **
5. Freshers’ Table Tennis Tournament **
6. Inter Department Football
7. Inter Year Girls’ Chess
8. Inter Hostel Girls’ Basketball **
9. Inter Year Girls’ Table Tennis
10. University Cricket Team Trials
Half Yearly Felicitation Ceremony *
*In order to structure the events of the Sports Board, a half-yearly felicitation ceremony has been organized this year to felicitate the winners of the aforementioned events held in the odd semester. The position holders were given trophies, medals and certificates from the Sports Board in the presence of Dean (SW) and Associate Dean (SW). Similarly, for even semester events the Annual Felicitation Ceremony will be held in the month of April 2020.
** Events held for the first time in the session 2019-20.
EVEN SEMESTER (January 2020 – April 2020)
1. First Ever Pink Ball Match played at IIEST, Shibpur **
2. Inter Year Cricket Tournament
3.Inter Year Volleyball Tournament
4. 6th Annual Athletic Meet
5. Inter Year (Mixed) Table Tennis Tournament
6. IIESTS Football League
Note: This report is updated till 29th February, 2020. Thus, the events held before this date and its winners has been mentioned in the next sections.
** Events held for the first time in the session 2019-20.
Total Events: 17.

Event Wise Winners List Name:

Fresher’s Badminton Tournament
● Boys Single:
Winner: Allan Davis
Runner: Gyanam Lepcha
● Girls Single:
Winner: N. Uma Tanmayee
Runner: Kirti Gupta
● Mixed Doubles:
Winner: Allan / Tanmayee
Runner: Chetan / Rakhi
Fresher’s Table Tennis Tournament
● Men’s Single:
Winner: Gyanam Lepcha
Runner: Rishik Dutta
● Men’s Team Event:
Winner: Team Venom (Shubham Saraf, Supriyo Paul and Moulindu Mandal)
Runner: Team Alpha (Rishik Dutta, Ritwiz Sen Sharma and Gyanam Lepcha)
Inter Year Chess (Girls) Tournament
Winners: Second year
1. Ishita Hariramani
2. Astha Singh
3. Analisha Bhagwar
Runner up: First year Team A
1. Aditi Singh
2. Muskaan Singh
3. Bobba S V L Samhitha