Earth Sciences

NAME OF THE SOCIETY: Orogeny: The Academic Society of Earth Science Department

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE SOCIETY: Orogeny is a process of earth modification through geological time. Our society is also aiming to record the academic modification of student members in our department through time. The main purpose of this society is to increase interaction between post graduate students and scholars of different laboratories. This will help to enrich the geological ideas by exchanging knowledge. Our society also aims to develop technical skills in postgraduate students through workshop organised by Professors and Scholars of this department. Orogeny is solely working on the student academic interest. This club has around 50 active participants with participation of approx 30 students in events.
  • PAST/ONGOING EVENTS: The society is at its juvenile state so we are working on organising major events.

1. Weekly Seminar and Discussion: We organise weekly seminar on each Wednesday after the official classes are over. Seminars are presented on recent geological research and development by one participant from each standard (One from M.Sc. 1st year, one from M.Sc. 2nd year and one from PhD Scholars).

2. Logo competition: As the society just born in this year so we invite logo design from our fellow members.


1. Geological Quiz (Twice in a month in alternate week): Orogeny is planning to organise quiz for the post graduate students to improve their geological knowledge and help them to perform better in competitive examinations like GATE, NET etc.

2. Workshop (Once in a month): The society is working on organising workshop to develop technical skills of the students. At first stage we will invite internal Professors and scholars to share their unique skills through workshop. After successful completion of three to four workshop we will try to invite external Professor and Scholars to organise workshop. This will help students and scholars to perform better in placement interviews. This workshop will also be open for students of other department (Registration Basis).

3. Weekly Seminar (Upgradation): We are planning to invite external geologist with industrial knowledge for seminar once in a semester. We are targeting our alumni as speakers. These seminars will also be open for students of other departments.

4. Yearly Event (Name to be decided later): This idea is at its first stage so crucial details will be communicated to the authorities later. This event will be the flagship event organised by our society. To organise at a big scale, we need financial support from the student welfare and will be applied with proper documentation after final planning.

Professor Incharge: Dr. Moumita Talukdar
Secretary: Mr. Uddalak Biswas (Research Scholar)
Assistant Secretary: Ms. Akhila Dhatri Mangena (PG-I)
Treasurer: Mr. Ashirbad Sahoo (PG-II)