Information Technology

The department of information technology has  started its journey in 2000 with a vision to provide a place for Innovation and to evolve as a Centre of Excellence in research, learning and consultancy, integrating Computer & Information Sciences with basic concepts to develop products and services for the benefit of the Industry and Society at large. It is the youngest department of this 163 years reputed institute.At present, it has 12 excellent faculty members and over 300 students involved in the 3 degrees the department offers B.Tech, M.Tech, Dual Degree(B.Tech + M.Tech). Since its inception, the department has been recognized all over India for excellence in research and teaching. The department has a thriving research environment with active research groups in the areas of  VLSI Layout Design of 3D Integrated Circuits,Image encryption, Hardware Security, Visual Cryptography,Social and Environmental Computing and many more. The faculty members are actively engaged in research work and regularly participate in national and international conferences and seminars.

The department provides state of the art computing facilities to the students.It aims to impart value based technical education and entrepreneurial skills to the graduates through state-of-art infrastructure and innovative faculty.
They promote collaborative learning and research with Industry, Government and International organizations for continuous knowledge transfer and enhancement to educate students towards the design and development of intelligent products and services meeting global demands and standards.
By constantly learning & evolving as the world moves forward, the department has produced excellent globally competent engineers, capable of providing secure and “Out of the Box” computing and information technology solutions every year to become leaders in diverse fields such as academia, industry and government.
Alumni of the Institute, spread around the globe, have made the Institution and Department proud of their accomplishments. They have contributed in significant ways, in all spheres of life, ranging from research, academia, industries, administration, policy-making, philanthropy to entrepreneurship and social outreach.
The department has gradually developed a culture of exchanging ideas through organizing seminars as well as continuous interaction among the faculty members, research scholars and students.  These interactions certainly encourage the students to cultivate their creative talents through various projects and  make them more confident to bag awards and honours at ease.Conversations with students about the course or the discipline can be enriching both professionally and personally.
Apart from academic excellence, the department also has a well-
communicated senior junior relationship which fabricates a strong network of alumnus. The department as a collective unit comes together for a variety of events such as Teacher’s Day Celebration, Freshers and Farewell. The Freshers is organised by the seniors years to welcome the first years of the department. The Farewell event is organised by junior years for bidding goodbye to the students of the senior most year.