In this age of increasing automation, programming is not limited to only computer science and related fields. Every competent engineer needs to know how to program. This makes Code IIEST one of the most important clubs in the institute. As of now we have four different chapters – Competitive Programming, Machine Learning, Security, and Open Source. We create a platform which allows students to gain assistance and mentorship to come together to learn and solve algorithmic challenges, participate in various contests all over the globe, develop web and system applications and solve intriguing problems enhancing their coding ability. Our aim is to propagate the enthusiasm for coding in the institute and especially amongst freshmen. The secret of getting ahead is getting started and we aim to provide every student with the right start.


Professor-in-Charge (PIC): Assistant Professor Shyamalendu Kandar (Department of Information Technology)
Secretary: Suryansh Gupta, 3rd year, UG, Information Technology
Treasurer: Arijit Saha, 3rd year, UG, Computer Science and Technology
Estimated number of students active in society/club activities: 200-250
Estimated number of Student Participation throughout the year (in daily activities, events): 150


● AutoCAD and Android Workshops: Two workshops on autocad and on android development using flutter were held during Instruo.
● Cyber Security Workshop – A workshop was conducted in the field of computer security in association with B-Link (an IIEST 2004 batch initiative) and Banbreach (Banbreach is a startup specializing in networking & security).
● Linux Sessions – Online sessions were held in collaboration to B-Link to make students aware of the Linux ecosystem.
● Ode to Code – An algorithmic coding event which saw participation from various colleges in and around Kolkata.
● Access Denied – A jeopardy CTF style event based on computer security.
● CyberBlame – The algorithmic coding event organized together with the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIESTS.
● Autumn Code #1 – A sports programming event meant for beginners.
● Fresher’s challenge – A programming challenge for freshmen to familiarize them with the vast world of sports programming.


● Ode2Code
○ First place – Team LongTimeNoShe: Anjan Agarwala, Soham Mukherjee, Abhishek Pal
○ Second place – Team Chichhore: Raashid Anwar, Madhuram Jajoo, Md Azmat Ali
○ Third place – Team HexClan: Pravash Jha, Sarthak Manna, Avijit Agarwal
● Access Denied Team kuch_nahi
○ First place – Team kuch_nahi_aata: Suryansh Gupta, Shivam Kumar Singh, Vivek Maurya
○ Second place – Team daayan: Ankit Kumar Giri
○ Third place – Team 0xdeadbeef: Subham Neogi, Arnab Sen, Anik Das
● Cyber Blame – Team sab_ka_baap: Dwaipayan Ray, Shivam Kumar Singh
● Autumn Code #1 – Indranil Bit, Md Azmat Ali
● Fresher’s Challenge Manish Kundu, Arnab Sen, Anik Ghosh, Aishwarya Deb


The flagship event of Code IIEST is Ode to Code which is organized during Instruo, the Technical fest of IIESTS. Ode to Code is an algorithmic programming challenge. There are two rounds:
● The first round was held online. It serves as a qualifier round for the next onsite round. The round was of 3 hours duration and held on the platform HackerRank. There were more than 150 participants from various colleges.
● The final and onsite round was held in M.N. Dastur Computer Lab. Top 30 teams from the first round qualified for the onsite round. The round was of 3 hours and consisted of harder programming challenges than the online round. There were teams from IIEST and also from other prestigious colleges like Jadavpur University FET, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, Kalyani Government Engineering College, Heritage, IEM, etc.


● ACM ICPC 2020: There were 8 top teams from our institute grabbing a rank under 1000 out of 4401. Three teams qualified for the 5 regional slots of this prestigious algorithmic competition organized by ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society.                                                                                                                                These were:
○ Team 1: Ankit Kumar Giri, Prasun Chail, Virali Vora       (ref:
○ Team 2: Arijit Saha, Suryansh Gupta, Anindya Bhowmick  (ref:​)
○ Team 3: Shivam Kumar Singh, Dwaipaya Ray, Narapureddy Srikanth                                                                         (ref:                                                                    ● Google Summer of code: This is an open source programme funded by google.
○ Rahul Indra (IT 4th Year)
○ Shivam Kumar Singh (IT 2nd Year)
○ Anjishnu Mukherjee (CST 3rd Year)
○ Anindya Kundu (IT 3rd Year)
● TCS Codevita Season 8 Finals: This was a prestigious algorithmic programming contest organized by Tata Consultancy Services. There were two finalists from our college out of 25 finalists from all over world:
○ Suryansh Gupta (IT 3rd Year)
○ Dwaipayan Ray (CST 2nd Year)
● Google CodeJam: A prestigious algorithmic programming contest. Two participants
advanced to round 2:
○ Arijit Saha (CST 3rd Year)
○ Suryansh Gupta (IT 3rd Year)
● TopCoder Open: Topcoder is one of the oldest programming platforms in existence and it organizes a series of algorithmic programming rounds leading to a world final. So far round 1 is conducted.                                            Following have qualified – Suryansh Gupta, Md Azmat Ali, Shivam Kumar Singh, Dwaipayan Ray, Vivek Maurya.     ● Codeforces: One of the famous competitive coding platforms. Code IIEST saw a history with two members- Arijit Saha and Suryansh Gupta reaching Candidate Master, the highest rank till date.
● Codechef: Another competitive coding platform. Following have reached 5 stars, the highest rating from our institute: Ankit Kumar Giri, Virali Vora, Arijit Saha, Suryansh Gupta, Dwaipayan Ray, Anindya Bhowmick.



We have extensive milestones for the coming year:
● To promote Open Source activities, organize Hackathons from time to time – in application, web development, system development and machine learning fields alike.
● To have our own platform for hosting competitions. This is a work in progress.
● To have a learning platform where we can post content in all aspects of computer science. This will help spread awareness of what the industry wants.
● To expand our work in the field of computer security. Network security has become an immediate concern. So, CodeIIEST will take steps to enable everyone to learn how to protect themselves while on the internet.
● In addition to these, provide some services free of cost to the students to enable them learn more about the linux ecosystem. These include giving them access to remote machines, etc. We believe this will be highly beneficial to the students.


This year saw an enormous boost in club activity.
● We organized 22 sessions on Competitive Programming, 6 sessions on Computer Security, 4 sessions on Open Source and 5 Sessions on Machine Learning.
● We also organized a cyber security workshop in association with B-Link and Banbreach. Further we are continuing to work with them. There have been online sessions on Working of Linux and Networking & Security.
● There were also multiple achievements this time. There were a record 3 teams participating in ACM ICPC, which is a record. As well as there have been two Candidate Masters on the Codeforces platform from IIEST, which has made history.
● This year, we could also successfully engage students actively in fields like Software programming. We expect Code IIEST to launch their own software applications soon.


● Organise contests/hackathons as frequently as possible, as this keeps people interested and motivated in the group. Give incentives by posting winners names on facebook accounts for a sense of achievement with a possibility of a yearly rank list.
● Invite alumni and seniors for sessions for discussing their interview experiences and utility of different tools so that members can choose wisely what they want to achieve and what they have to learn in order to do so.
● Organise sessions in which members discuss anything they love about computers: any software/technology/tool/concept that they have a good grasp of and will benefit the community.
● Increase awareness among students about local competitions in colleges around kolkata so that we can generate a brand image of IIEST students excelling at programming skills and bring in cash prizes for themselves.