Music: the word that brings to our memory the reverberations of our favorite songs and artists. It is much more than a few vocal melodies or instrumental rhythms. It is an art, it is an emotional expression. And at Euphony, we respect, love, practice, and spread the joy of this art form. It isn’t just a place for guitarists, drummers, or singers; it consists of an assortment of people who love music, who find passion in music and enjoy it. From folk songs to electronic compositions, we house a multitude of music styles. So, while our namesake may be synonymous to pleasing sounds, the music society, at the end of the day, also becomes a music learning school, a family, a home that nurtures talents of young musicians and helps them flourish.


Name of Professor-in-Charge (PIC): Prof. Pritha Das, Dept. Of Mathematics
Secretary: Uthsash Saha, 4th year, UG, Mechanical Engineering Department
Name of Assistant Secretary: Dyutimoy Chakraborty, 3rd year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department
Name of Treasurer: Arnab Abhijit Sharmaa, 3rd year, UG , Mechanical Engineering Department
Estimated number of students active in society/club activities: 50
Estimated number of Student Participation throughout the year: 2000+

Event List under the society for the year 2020-21:

Minutes to Fame: Intra college online music competition
All other institution cultural programme (Freshers’ Induction programme, Independence day, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day)
BE-day : Farewell Organised for society members for the currently passing out batch.

Event Wise Winners List Name:

Crescendo 2019:
1st – Mirror’s Edge Band, Guitars- Pamir Roy GeoTech M-Tech , Bass- Siddhartha Mallick IT 3rd year, Drums-Darren Majaw Archi. 3rd year, Keys-Arkaprabha Das ETC 4th year.
2nd – Smaran Band, Vocals- Modassir Khan 1st year CE and Neel Diganta Bhadra 1st year CE and Aishwarya Deb 1st year IT , Guitars- Soham Pal 1st year IT, Bass- Ayan Kamar 1st year EE, Drums- Ritwij SenSharma 1st year CE.
3rd – Neemlake Band, Vocals- Dhritiman Roy 4th year AE, Guitars- Debjyoti Datta 4th year EE and Uthsash Saha 2nd year ME, Bass- Mayank Oraon 2nd year EE, Drums- Rudra Sankar Saha 3rd year Met.

Flagship Event:

Oikotaan. A musical harmony. The flagship event of Euphony is an open music festival for bands and artists of all genres. Started back in 2015, this non-competitive musical event is held within the college premises annually and invites performers from within and outside the campus to stage their original music compositions. Melody. Originality. Meraki. A celebration of music and musical talents. It’s a unique event organised by a student body, a family of music lovers.
We help artists fulfill their dreams of performing live in front of an ever-encouraging crowd and eminent personalities from the music industry. Connoisseurs like Anjan Dutta, Chandril Bhattacharya, Nittin Mallick, and Mallar Ghosh have graced the stage of Oikotaan. Our guests give their advice to each of the performers and help them polish their musical gifts. And as mentioned before, this is not a competition; rather this is a ground for learning, for exposures, and for spreading the joie de vivre of music and life.
In 2019, the 5th Edition of Oikotaan witnessed a massive number of band participations from across the country. On the very first day, we were lucky to have our guest of honour Debdeep Mukherjee, playing his song ‘Hoyni Alap’ among others. And, on the second, our very own Bula Da, Pradip Chattopadhyay from Mohiner Ghoraguli brought with him not only his love for music but also his memories of B.E. college days.
From soulful melodies that enraptures the audience to the heavy metal beats which you can keep on banging your heads to, from classical to indie rock, from jazz to folk, Oikotaan welcomes all styles of music. All in all, it is a movement, a musical movement, to bring together a community of music lovers, original composers, and avant garde artists, who enjoy the space and grow with the mentorship of the industry heavyweights.

Laurels of the Students over the years to be recognized:

Neemlake band (Vocals- Debashish Majumdar from EE 4th year, Lead Guitar: Debjyoti Datta from EE 4th year, Rhythm Guitar: Dhritiman Roy from AE 4th year Keyboards: Arkaprabha Das from ETC 4th year, Drums: Darren Majaw from Archi. 3rd year) : One single, Chunav released on YouTube and Spotify
Regularly performs in cultural events like REBECA, Oikotaan, Freshers’ Induction
Won first prize in St. Xavier’s college western music concert
Harmonics band (Lead Guitar: Debjyoti Datta from EE 4th year, Rhythm Guitar: Dhritiman Roy from AE 4th year Keyboards: Arkaprabha Das from ETC 4th year, Drums: Darren Majaw from Archi. 3rd year) : 1 single, A Breath in the ocean released on YouTube and JioSaavn
Regularly performs in cultural events like REBECA, Oikotaan, Freshers’ Induction
Three Quarters band (Vocals: Kashish Verma-5th Year DD EE, Guitars: Ayanava Roy-2nd Year UG EE, Drums: Saurav Kumar-4th Year UG ME, Keyboards: Nikhil Priyadarsh-5th Year DD EE, Bass: Mayank Oraon-2nd Year UG EE): Released 8 Singles and 3 Extended plays on YouTube, Spotify and JioSaavn
Regularly performs in cultural events like REBECA, Oikotaan, Freshers’ Induction
Mirror’s Edge band (Vocals and lyrics- Sagnik Bhowmick from EE 3rd year, Guitars- Pamir Roy from GeoTech 6th year, Bass- Siddhartha Mallick from IT 3rd year, Drums-Darren Majaw from Archi. 3rd year, Keys-Arkaprabha Das from ETC 4th year) : 1 single, Burdened soul released on YouTube
Arkaprabha Das, keyboardist (ETC 4th year) : Over 20 original compositions and over 5 Extended Plays released on YouTube
Accompanied the 1st prize winner in Soft music genre at GST and Central Excise sports and cultural meet 2019
Saurag Deb, Musician (Mech 3rd year) : Got an opportunity to play at maldah sankritik samilani in presence of renowned tabla maestro Pt.Swapan Chaudhuri
Improvised Chaturangui and redesigned and customised it in unique style,as never before that has been recognised by many musicians like Pt.Soumitra Lahiri,Pt.Mangopal Dhar
Chow Andre Manchey, vocalist and musician (IT 2nd year): Does regular gigs in restaurants in Kolkata like Momo I am
And many such talented musicians, singers from the Institute perform regularly and compose original music tracks.

Planned Activities of the Society for future:

In future, there will be Crescendo (the intra-college band competition) and there will be Oikotaan (Euphony’s flagship event). But in addition to that, we plan to include the following as well:
Open Mic: Solo artists, acoustic musicians, beatboxers, and even rappers will get a platform to stage their talents in front of an audience. This will also be an incentive to all the beginners, both, students from inside and outside the college, out there to come out of their shells, do what they love and let people know about it.
Music workshops: To inspire budding musicians and singers amongst students, we plan to invite established musicians for workshop sessions with the students. It will be fun and interactive, with the mentors sharing their knowledge and experience in the field.
Interactive Projects with other Societies in our college: We would like collaborate with other clubs in our society like the literature club for open mics, the photography club and cinematography club for various online and offline projects, and so on.
Interactive mentoring sessions: Apart from the regular sessions and jamming sessions at Slater’s, we would also like to welcome complete beginners among the new members in the club who can learn about music and even a new instrument under the guidance of the already experienced club members. We intend to hold such sessions once in a week.

Point of Difference in Performance:

1. Composing and producing independent music has been introduced to students.
2. Greater participation in official college events like Ekta Divas, Republic day, Matribhasha Divas by society members has been encouraged.
3. Students have been encouraged to describe motion of life through music.

Guidance for the junior years:

Regular Sessions have been organised at Slater for positive interaction and to imbibe a sense of harmony among the juniors. Jam sessions have also taken place regularly making use of the available musical instruments available at Slater Juniors have also been mentored in various non-music domains like designing and video editing.