About the Students’ Senate


The Students’ Senate of IIEST Shibpur is the house of representation of the students of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. It was formed on 20th August, 2015 and took the place of the Students’ Union BECSU, which was dissolved in 2009.

The Students’ Senate consists of several students societies relating to academics, culture and sports. The societies under the students’ senate are:

  1. Academic Society of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics, 
  2. Students’ Society of Architecture, town and regional planning, 
  3. Society of Civil Engineers, 
  4. Electrical Engineers’ Society, 
  5. Academic Society of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, 
  6. Academics Society of Information Technology, 
  7. Society of Mechanical Engineering, 
  8. Academic Society of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, 
  9. Society of Mining Engineers, 
  10. Cathersis- the Photography Society, 
  11. CodeIIEST- the Coding Society, 
  12. DebSoc- the Debating Society, 
  13. Euphony- the Music Society, 
  14. Les Thespians- the Dramatic Society, 
  15. LitSoc- the Literary Society, 
  16. Quiz Maniac Beings- the Quizzing Society, 
  17. Reflexo-Beta- the Dance Society, 
  18. Robodarshan- the Robotics Society, 
  19. Society for Creative Arts and Green Enviornment (SCAGE)
  20. Society of Games and Sports. 


Basic Structure

All students of IIEST Shibpur are by default the members of their departmental academic societies and thereby the member of the Students’ Senate. The membership of other societies viz. the cultural and sports societies are optional and according the internal regulations of those societies. 

The members of each society elect the representatives of the society including a general secretary, an asst. general secretary and a treasurer. The General Secretaries of the societies form the General Council. The members of General Council elect the General Secretary, the Asst. General Secretary and the Treasurer of the Students’ Senate. These people forms the Executive Secretariat of the Students’ Senate.

A professor, nominated by the director, is designated as the President of Students’ Senate and two other professors, also nominated by the Director, are designated as the Executive Presidents of Students’ Senate. The President and the Executive Presidents are the members of the General Council and the Executive Secretariat.

To read the full constitution of the Students’ Senate, click here.