SCAGE is a platform where students get to express themselves in all forms of Art domains. The club intends to nurture Creativity within oneself, while keeping in mind one’s responsibility towards conserving Green Environment.


Name of Professor-in-Charge (PIC): Professor Nityananda Nandi
Secretary: Robin Singh, 3rd Year, U.G., Department of Civil Engineering.
Name of Treasurer: Shivam Bhaskar, 3rd Year, U.G., Department of Information Technology.
Estimated number of students active in society/club activities: Around 60.
Estimated number of Student Participation throughout the year (in daily activities, events): 40-45.

Event List under the society for the year 2019-20:

  • Idol Making Workshop: An idol making workshop was carried out which involved making ecofriendly idols out of clay.
  • Freshers’ Induction
  • Mural (Devotion Towards Passion): A mural depicting some highlights in the life of Srinivas Ramanujan was painted on the wall of Ramanujan Central Library which included a very active participation of students.
  • Renovation of Old Mural: The first mural made by the club in front of the Science and Technology building was renovated to its former glory.
  • Poster Making Competition: A poster making competition was organized promoting the judicious use of water and addressing various environmental issues.
  • Jal Shakti Abhiyaan: A poster making competition and an idol making workshop was organized promoting judicious use of water and spreading awareness about the water pollution and its adverse effects.
  • Rangoli Making: A rangoli was made in front of Netaji Bhavan on the day of Deepavali.
  • Props Designing for Drama (Gandhi-The journey): A joint play with participation of various clubs was organized. The required props were made by the club members maintaining their authenticity.
  • Mayday Mystery: Mayday Mystery is a treasure hunt event that occurs under the banner of INSTRUO and despite the adverse conditions this year the event was still a big success.
  • Cleanliness Drive: A cleanliness drive was carried out in the campus in which some issues regarding the campus cleanliness and maintenance were brought to light. A plantation program was carried out to conclude the drive.
  • Draw from Home: During the quarantine period various drawings and paintings were made and thus uploaded on the official social media accounts of the club.

Event Wise Winners List Name:

Mayday Mystery-
1. Team Rampage
2. Team Endurance
3. Team Mass Mingling

Flagship Event:

KRITI: Kriti is annual festival of the club which involves numerous workshops on art/craft are conducted along with various other events for 2 whole days. The idea behind this is to promoting the artistic spirit in the college and giving students a platform to showcase their skills and compete with students from different colleges. This year kriti was supposed to be conducted under SATRANG which was unfortunately canceled due to ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

Laurels of the Students over the years to be recognized: 

A team of three students of B. Tech third-year students of Civil Engineering Department, Ayush Kumar Prasad, Aryan Kumar and Sagar Pal became 2nd Runner-up winning the cash award of Rs 5,000 at 5 days Design Camp Competition on Redefine the Future of Urban Lakes” organized by Centre for Urban Water Resources (CURE), DHAN Foundation, Madurai, Tamil Nadu between 7th to 12th January, 2020.

Approx. Financial Expenditure over the session either by Students’ Activities Fund or Departmental Expenditure or collection:

7000 Rs. from Students’ Activities fund.
6000 Rs. from Club Members collection.
11000 Rs. by Our beloved Alumnus Mr. Tapas Som, Mechanical, 1971.

Planned Activities of the Society for future:

  • Another Mural Inside College
  • Espion
  • Completion of Mix Art
  • Promotion and Learning of Different art forms around the Globe
  • Regular Cleanliness Drives
  • Workshops on Green Environment technologies/ Ideas and on Art/Craft
  • Mayday Mystery
  • Art Exhibition

Point of Difference in Performance: 

The main focus in this was on promoting different art and craft forms, Beautification of Campus and Promoting Environment Friendly Products.

Guidance for the junior years: 

Art along with different activities is one of the best ways to express yourself and your emotions. You don’t need to a professional artist or being good at art to do it. You should take your Pen/pencil/Brush/knife in hand to express yourself without thinking how people will react to it. Every artform and every single art is different, unique and special as it contains your emotional state from the time when it was drawn.
Also keep your surroundings clean and as much Environment Friendly as possible. Every single Step you take no matter how small affects the whole world, don’t ever forget it.