Les Thespians



Les Thespians, the official dramatic society of IIEST Shibpur was founded back in 2009. It has produced many successful and tremendously publicly praised theatrical productions. The society helps the theatre enthusiasts of the institute to build a common platform.


Name of Professor-in-Charge (PIC): Prof. Amit Roy Chowdhury
Secretary : Aman Kumar, 3rd Year, UG, ETC
Name of Treasurer : Anand Raj, 3rd Year, UG, MIN
Estimated number of students active in society/club activities: 55
Estimated number of Student Participation throughout the year (in daily activities, events): 100

Event List under the society for the year 2019-20:

1. Gagan Damama Bajyo- A play on the life of Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries on 15th August
2. Gandhi- The Journey- A play based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi in collaboration with Reflexo Beta, Euphony, SCAGE and LitSoc on 17th October 2019.
3. Gagan Damama Bajyo- The play was performed again on Convocation Day.
4. Expressions- A inter-departmental drama event exclusively for first year on 4th March 2020.

Flagship Event:

1. Expressions: This was the first time when an inter-departmental drama event was organised exclusively for first year where they were mentored and guided by a member of Les Thespians. The event was a grand success and it connected the participants to dramatics on the ground level. The event was conducted in Students’ Amenities Centre on 4th March 2020.
2. Satrang- This event was planned for the first time in IIEST which was supposed to be the cultural fest organised by 7 cultural clubs viz. Les Thespians, Reflexo Beta, SCAGE, Catharsis, DebSoc, LitSoc and CameraBuff from 25th March 2020 to 29th March 2020. Due to Corono Pandemic, the event couldn’t happen.

Laurels of the Students over the years to be recognized: (External and Internal Achievements can also be included)

Mrinmoy Deka- Has worked in many professional theatre groups including Rangakarmee.
Atul Anand Jha- Has worked in many short films and dramas with the professional theatre group DraMads.

Approx. Financial Expenditure over the session either by Students’ Activities Fund or Departmental Expenditure or collection (Mention separately):

1. Gagan Damama Bajyo- covered by the institute
2. Gandhi- The Journey- covered by the institute.
3. Gagan Damama Bajyo- covered by the institute.

Planned Activities of the Society for future:

1. A workshop organised by some professional for the club members.
2. An English Drama and a Telugu Drama if possible.
3. A mime acting event.

Point of Difference in Performance (What unique steps were taken in your society this year):

I tried to increase the number of dramatics events by Les Thespians without hampering the quality of performance. This year, we changed the logo of the club. Les Thespians re-introduced the event “Expressions” with new and more engaging format.

Guidance for the junior years: 

Try to increase the engagement within the club. Conduct more number of events be it small but it should be effective. Not only actors, other people who are important for a drama such as sound and light controller, scriptwriter, make-up person should also join our club.