Society of Civil Engineers

DESCRIPTION OF SOCIETY: Founded in the year of 1856, the Civil Engineering department is the second oldest engineering department of India. A tradition as old as that has started in the form of 'Society of Civil Engineers' in B.E. College. It is a society formed by the students of Civil Engineering department along with the active and motivating leadership of the faculty members of Civil Engineering department. SOCCE has manifold activities. It maintains a perfect harmony with the departmental activity and looks beyond. It helps to maintain a healthy socio-academic environment among the fraternity of civil engineers of B.E. College. Its activities has a wide range, be it providing academic support, assistance in placement, publishing a technical journal by budding civil engineers, arranging cultural programs, arranging alumni-meet, organizing various competitive events through which there occurs an intensive interaction between students of civil engineering of various other institutes so and so forth. A 150 year old tradition which is still fresh and vibrating with energy is representing the life blood of civil engineering fraternity of B.E.College in the form of SOCCE. This society has approx 50-60 active members and participation of around 500 in major events. Team SOCCE works with a mantra that this society is ‘of the students, for the students and by the students'

ACTIVITIES: Flagship event of this society is UDBHABANI. To know more about their ongoing and future activities, visit their website.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook | SOCCE Website 

Professor Incharge: Dr. Anuj Kishor Budhkar
Secretary: Purushotam Kumar Mehta
Assistant Secretary: Bhavesh sonkar
Treasurer: Vinayak Gaur