Society of Civil Engineers

The Society of Civil Engineers (SOCCE) is an organization formed by the students of Civil Engineering Department of IIEST, Shibpur along with the active leadership of the faculty and alumni of the department. Since its establishment in 1957, the society has provided an interactive platform for the students to float, discuss and materialize on ingenious ideas. To ensure academic and subjective development of the students, the body routinely orchestrates activities such as quizzes, debates and industrial trainings supervised by the faculty members. The motivation and assistance received from our coveted alumni further helps to ameliorate the status of the society.


Udbhabani encompasses a plethora of events, with domains ranging from technical aspects of civil engineering such as design of structures, to soft skills such as debates, all of which are required for the overall development of a student. Udbhabani 2k19 witnessed a total of 16 events spread over 3 days. It is Kolkata’s largest civil engineering fest, with presence from distinguished panellists, etc. It is also the largest departmental fest of IIEST, Shibpur. The list of the 16 events are as follows: Hydroholic, Buildyard, Roller Coaster, CAD Catalyst, Overload, Go Green, Speak to Lead, Treasure Hunt, Letterbox, Inforace, Snap Structure, Artistique and Grandmaster. Udbhabani 2k19 also hosted a workshop on “First Responder Training” delivered by Dr. Amitabha Ghosh from St. John’s Ambulance Association. It also hosted a mini marathon from Netaji Bhavan to Avani Riverside Mall, with the aim of spreading awareness on Road Safety. Both these activities were organised in collaboration with IRSC Epicentre IIEST Shibpur. The main attraction of Udbhabani 2k19 was its Industrial Meet on Day 3. It saw the presence of huge giants in the industry, such as JSW Cement, Ambuja Cement, Dalmia Cement, ADAPT, Simoco, etc. This session was followed by a sumptuous lunch buffet where students got to interact with alumni, professors and the industry representatives. Apart from all this, to give the fest a thorough finish, there was a cultural evening organised which witnessed two amazing performers, namely Uraan and Winy Live&Loud.