REBECA, short for REunion and Bengal Engineering College Annuals, is the cultural fest of IIEST, Shibpur. Bengal Engineering College is the old avatar of IIEST, Shibpur. Rebeca is the oldest Cultural Fest in the whole of India. For an entire year, the students look forward to these 4 days of absolute ecstasy. Drawing artists and performers from the city, the state and the nation, REBECA isn’t just another college fest. It’s a culmination of the emotions and nostalgia of the most profound Alumni Base in the country.
The REBECA is one of the iconic events of the institute with its 82nd edition in 2019.
The event is divided into four days a) Classical Night: A treat for classical music connesiurs b) BEings Night: The stage is set for BEings (current students) to rock the stage c) Kolkata Night: A night of Bengali music. Even if you don’t know the language, you can still enjoy the night. d) Mumbai Night: The best night of it all. If you are a final year student, it will the saddest one actually. For this, nationally known performers are the star attraction.
REBECA had the honor of hosting musicians/bands known across the nation. Apart from this there are a) Seminars, an opportunity to meet established stalwarts, b) Alumni business meet, c) Band Competition, d) Group Dance Faceoffs, e) Alumni – Students matches, f) Literary Competitions, g)There is a Mr and Mrs.Rebeca competition here and h) Also, there is a fashion show. i) The most noticeable thing is of course (because it’s in the name), the REUNION. Alumni of college return, revisit the places where they lived in.