Founded as BECPhoS [Bengal Engineering College Photographic Society] in 1971 and later reformed as Catharsis in 2009, this society has come a long way. Catharsis is a platform for creative expressions through the medium of photographs. Photography is a way of capturing moments, memories and preserving them forever. Catharsis aims to inculcate a love of photography among students. Seeing the universe through the lens, it helps young photo-enthusiasts to interpret a world of their own. The basic functioning of the club includes the following activities:



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  • Weekly-basis workshops: Workshops on basic nuances of photography and the advanced features and methods of photography are often conducted as to instill in the students a better understanding of the art.
  • Photo-walks in and out of the campus: There are photo-walks often in the college campus and sometimes outside the campus too; one learns to capture varied types of clicks at disparate settings.
  • Photographic tours: Catharsis has organized several trips to naturally prolific places like Sikkim and Shantiniketan and plans to organize a lot more, to give young enthusiasts a view of the diversities of nature, culture and lifestyle.
  • Hosting salon and other photography events: Numerous inter-college and intra-college competitions are hosted by Catharsis to provide a platform for celebrating the multifarious talent of our students.
  • Photo-exhibitions: There are photography exhibitions hosted by Catharsis where a chosen number of photographs contributed by the IIEST Shibpur family are presented for everyone to see and relish.
  • Discussion and fun: On an ordinary day at the club room in Slater Hall, Catharsis immerses itself in its habitual adda that ranges from discussion on the varied nuances of photography to the distinctive traits of renowned photographs. Many a thing can be learnt at the customary adda, enriched with experiences of everyone, than in the books or lectures.
  • Film-making and film-critic: A relatively new field for Catharsis, the society aims to train its young members in this sphere and concentrate more on film-making, video-editing and film-critic in the near future.