Tree Climbing bot in innovation festival

IIESTians had a stunning Participation in the Innovation Festival jointly organized by National Foundation (NIF)-India and Science City (NSCM) held at Science City during 5-7 th Feb’16

Title of the project : Tree Climbing Robot

People associated : Tauseef Rasul (4th yr Mechanical), Anirban Sarkar (3rd yr Cst), Krishanu Singh (2nd yr Aerospace), Ankita Saha (2nd yr Mechanical) & Souranil Sanyal ( 2nd yr Aerospace )

Details : The robot is capable of climbing up trees of variable diameter .The main puposes of the robot is for surveillance, rescue missions, military defense. It uses high torque motors . Aluminium sheets are used for holding on to the trunk of a tree . Rack and pinion mechanism is used for climbing . As of now it manually controlled ,but it is an on-going project and planning is done to make it autonomous