IIEST Architecture Students Blasted ZONASA 2015

IIEST stood over all 2nd position on the eastern zone.

The students from Department of Architecture T & R P took part in the ZONASA 2015 (organised by National Association of Students of Architecture and this year, hosted by NIT Rourkela ).There were students from total 32 colleges of Eastern India (including several NITs and IIT Kharagpur) who took part in this prestigious event and at the end they have secured the overall second position and the runners-up trophy!


1. 1st : Architectural Journalism
2. 1st : Convention Trophy (Urban Design)
3. 2nd : Flag Design
4. 3rd : Reubens (Academic Sessionals)
5. Special Mention : Design30
6. Special Mention : Main Design 1 (Hand Drafted Design)
7. Special Mention : Main Design 2 (Computer Aided Design)
Informal Events:
8. 2nd : Identatis (Logo Design)
9. 3rd : Wah! Taj (Head Gear Design)
10. 3rd : Metamorphosis (Model making with Wires)
11.Winners in 2 MORE other Casual Events.